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An introduction by Austin Robison, ATM

   Hello, and welcome to the Albuquerque ARTCC! ZAB covers almost all of Arizona, as well as New Mexico, and parts of Texas. We are home to many popular airports, including Phoenix-Sky Harbor (KPHX), Albuquerque Sunport (KABQ), Tucson (KTUS) and El Paso (KELP). If you are interested in becoming a controller here, please head on over to VATUSA, and follow the process to become a home controller at one of the most interesting ARTCCs in the US. If you would like to be a visiting controller click here. Our excellent instructor team will ensure that you recieve the best training possible, so that you can become the best virtual controller you can be!

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  • Escape the Heat - KPHX - KDEN CrossfireJuly 14, 2019

    Event Time: July 28, 2019 23:55 - July 29, 2019 04:00
    Posted by: Jeremy Werderman

    Escape the Heat - KPHX - KDEN Crossfire

    Man, it's hot in Phoenix - not really much better in Denver either! Why not take a quick trip! It's time to escape the heat... at a nice comfy cruising altitude, somewhere above FL180! Load up your aircraft with passengers looking for a change of scenery during the dog days of summer! ZAB ARTCC and ZDV ARTCC are staffing up to bring you a fully covered trip between KDEN and KPHX - or any other destination you may choose. Maybe get in those hours and make it a round trip between the two. Just remember - no matter your destination - "check density altitude"!

    See you in the friendly skies!

    Flight Map

    Who's Online?

    Controllers Online
    Controller Position
    Daan Janssen/S2 PHX_A_APP
    David Rodriguez/C1 PHX_M_APP
    Callsign Aircraft Flight
    AAL1 A321/L KPHX - KSEA
    AAL1885 B737-800/L KDFW - KPHX
    AAL407 A319/L KDFW - KPHX
    AAL694 B752/Z KPHX - PHNL
    AAL694Q A320/L KPHX - PHNL
    ENY5794 E135 KDFW - KPHX
    FDX904 H/B77L/L KMEM - KPHX
    SWA1216 B738/L KPHX - KLAS
    SWA1368 B737/L KPHX - KBUR
    SWA1875 T/B738/F KPHX - KBUR
    SWA1884 B737/L KLAX - KPHX
    SWA195 B737/L KPHX - KSAN
    SWA2612 B737/L KPHX - KBUR
    SWA494 B732/W KPHX - KBUR
    SWA8616 B738/L KPHX - KBUR

    ARTCC Info

    Top Controllers - July
    Controller Time
    Jeffry Babb 32:24:53
    David Rodriguez 16:15:13
    Jeremy Werderman 14:06:04
    Dustin Record 13:05:53
    Daan Janssen 10:38:21
    Top Positions - July
    Position Time
    Phoenix Approach 45:27:18
    Phoenix Tower 29:11:13
    Albuquerque Center 24:34:05
    Phoenix Ground 03:48:48
    Tucson Tower 03:35:50
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