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An introduction by Austin Robison, ATM

   Hello, and welcome to the Albuquerque ARTCC! ZAB covers almost all of Arizona, as well as New Mexico, and parts of Texas. We are home to many popular airports, including Phoenix-Sky Harbor (KPHX), Albuquerque Sunport (KABQ), Tucson (KTUS) and El Paso (KELP). If you are interested in becoming a controller here, please head on over to VATUSA, and follow the process to become a home controller at one of the most interesting ARTCCs in the US. If you would like to be a visiting controller click here. Our excellent instructor team will ensure that you recieve the best training possible, so that you can become the best virtual controller you can be!

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  • ZAB/ZFW/ZME Trifire OctoberAugust 27, 2020

    Event Time: October 2, 2020 23:00 - October 3, 2020 03:00
    Posted by: Bobby Melton

    ZAB/ZFW/ZME Trifire October

    Join ZAB/ZME/ZFW as we staff up our major airports for some good ole fashion trifire traffic. IFR and VFR welcome. Hope to see y’all there!

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    Vincent DeGuzman 65:04:10
    David Glaser 30:10:20
    Jeremy Daniels 27:23:35
    Charlie Thomson 26:50:14
    Justin Lawrence 23:51:48
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    Albuquerque Center 77:50:09
    Phoenix Ground 59:35:10
    Albuquerque Ground 54:15:41
    Albuquerque Approach 32:14:05
    Phoenix Approach 27:09:15